Tuesday, May 14, 2013

College life

Wow I'm updating my blog....
Interesting day for today..
Basically i didn't attend today's class..
Or I did, bur just the beginning..

So why?
Is because of Nick Vujicic
OMG he's coming to Sunway and give talk!
And so Cruise and i queue for the first section,
The tickets will be given only when 11.30am and we started to queue since 11am,and the queue is already god damn long! basically the queue just jammed the whole cafeteria...
After half an hour, not even 12pm, and we just move a little,
The tickets for 1st section are  finished!

We asked chee kiong to queue for the second section which is 3.30pm,
As we have class at 2pm...
Chee kiong was there since 2pm,
And again we ponteng class and came out at 3pm,the class ends at 4pm..
We joined chee kiong and we were so much better, just like 50meters away from the counter,
While waiting,
A fight happened in such way that a guy wanted to walk into the student centre, but the crowds infront totally jammed the whole entrance, so that guy just squeezed through rudely, pushing another guy which is queuing for the ticket,
So that guy who is pushed pissed off and push him back, drop his glasses,
Wow wow wow!!
That guy was now fucked off,
After picking up his glasses,
Turn back,
And Poom! punch him back so hard!
And went off...

Life theater!
Not bad not bad...
No comment for the scenario..

Oo finally they are giving out the tickets,
AND we have chance to step inside the student centre...
After half an hour,
The queue was moving soooo slowwww ~
The tickets are finished again!

What the FUCK??

They are seriously ridiculous and INSANE!
knowing that they have only so little tickets,
Why dun they giv out numbers or let us know we got no chance to get the tickets!
Pity Chee Kiong my god he was standing there almost two hours!
Sweats like hell for nothing!

Really first time got such feeling,
But it's okay
New experience... ==
Got to belanja chee kiong dinner la,
Ooo he's so good!
One of the most sincere friends i have ^^


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